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The Capital Radio 604 Podcast

Dec 26, 2013

Its a show I?d like to dedicate to Glen / Pritchard who was such a stalwart of the Facebook show and Podcast. / / Glen?s last post on the page was a picture of his DX Rig and I?ve attached / a copy. If you decide to put the show on the podcast, if its possible

Jun 22, 2013

Capital Primetime - a compilation by Adrian Horwitz: ? a Nineties Steve Bishop Breakfast Show, / a 1985 Barry Ronge Sunday Affair Show, a Kevin Savage drive show and a Capital London 1986 / Retro chart ( put together from three fragments already lying amongst the open material / on You Tube), news from Julian Potter and...

Mar 20, 2013

The Power Station - Darren Scott

September 4th 1989 - 5pm to 6:30pm


James Lorimer - marker - 00:00:41, 00:31:11, 00:59:44

Carmel Rickard reports - marker - 01:00:42

Steve Bishop - marker - 01:25:48

Richard Jones - marker - 00:41:55


Remote reporters:

Nick Peters reports

Simon Israel reports


Jean Hollic - won...

Feb 26, 2013

The Late Show presented by Phil Wright sometime in 1984 (there is a reference to the station being 5 years old). 90 Minutes of The Late Show recorded in the studio (not off Medium Wave).